Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To quote Brad Majors.....

"What's come over me? WHOOOOO! Here it comes again!" (And if you're old enough to know who Brad Majors is, God bless you).

I did some activity on Friday, skipped Saturday, but have done something every day since. Including twice on Monday. Here it is, 8:00 PM on Wednesday. Normally I'd be at choir practice, but I ended up running a routine at work later this evening so that I wouldn't have to do it in the morning. Now that I've eaten a light but healthy dinner, I feel like doing some more exercise. Maybe the 20-minute Express Zumba workout.

I have a 5K coming up this weekend and one next weekend. I'm still looking for one in early June or even July -- forget August; I may be crazy but I'm not insane!!!

Holy cow. What is this all about?

It's been 2 years, 360 days since I first joined WW. That first night, Debbie (my then-leader) asked us to give her 5 minutes of exercise if we weren't used to anything at all. I figured I could do 5 minutes a day. What I thought would take 5 took 10, and I huffed/puffed the whole time. Sad doesn't begin to describe it.

If you had told me on May 12, 2006 that I would not only be exercising daily or nearly-daily and LOVING it -- I would have laughed you down, called you a liar, and felt totally hopeless. But I've done it. Easy? No. My first time on the treadmill at the Y was disheartening -- I was so out of shape from even just a few years before when I was exercising regularly. But I persevered.

That's the key, I've found: slow, steady progress. Continuity yet not letting myself get too complacent.

And to quote Frank N. Furter: "Don't dream it. Be it." So go, be it.

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