Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just call me "Manatee"

because I am apparently retaining enough fluid to be labeled a "sea cow" now.......

I stepped on the scale and the receptionist looked quizzically at the screen. "Step off and step back on." More puzzled looks, and "this says you gained five pounds."

The numbers on the scale didn't lie. She turned it around and there it was, in big ol' black LED numerals. 5 pounds up. FIVE. FIVE.

Okay, so I have thought of every possible reason -- from the sane to the silly -- and here's my list of them:
  • It's about "that time" and so I am retaining fluid. This is true, and possibly the root cause. Without being totally TMI, this is an area where I have had cause for concern lately. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on it.
  • I'm just plain retaining fluid. This is also a real possibility. Usually I get up at least once during the night..... last couple of nights, slept right through.
  • I exercised too much during the week. Okay, while I don't believe there is such a beast as this, I have noticed that on occasion, when I exercise just 4-5 days, I do better than the weeks with daily exercise. I know, you're supposed to let your body rest and rebuild....... but I love the feeling. (Holy crap, I am hooked, aren't I?)
  • I have been under such stress, it's gotta be all that excess cortisol. Another possibility? Yes, I had a stressful week -- with the kind and amount of crap usually only thrown by caged simians. But I really don't know about the whole cortisol thing. There could be some validity.
So here's the deal: whatever the underlying cause doesn't matter. Over. Done. Moving on. So the 20 ounces is now back up to 100 ounces. WHATEVER IT TAKES. If it was personal before with that small amount, you bet your sweet bippy that it is beyond personal now.

Whatever it takes. However long it takes. I am reaching goal. I will not be stopped, deterred, or denied. I may be slowed a little, and there are going to be bumps in the road. But I am traveling on.



Talmadge Gleck said...

Ohhh man. I hate it for you.

I vote "that time." Retaining. Which means it'll eventually de-retain.

Kate/Susan said...

I KNOW you WILL. :-)

I had one week where I was a few scant ounces away from 70 and I turned up the exercise hard core and was extremely strict with the points, and I gained a couple that week, so I know it's a possibility.

Fight the fight, Annette, we are all rooting for you to see that magic number :-)