Thursday, May 07, 2009

And now for Post 201.....

Heh. 200 posts before this.... in just at 3 years. Amazing isn't it?

Let's get the count out of the way.... up 0.8 and back with 3.2 to go (meaning 224.8 gone). I gotta admit: it's a bit frustrating. Still, I've chucked the calendar and when it happens, it will happen. That doesn't mean I quit trying or quit striving to do my very best, but I'm going all Zen-like about it. I am picturing it happening already...... and so it will be.

What I'm more excited about has been all the non-scale victories this week: how good I feel having exercised. Doing the exercise. Getting all stoked about this weekend's 5K, and aiming for a great finish time..... it might not be the 48:21 from the previous 5K, but anything in the 50-53 range is good. I'll aim for 48, don't get me wrong. But I'm not going to beat myself up.

When I was preparing for the April 5K, one of my Internet pals said to me, "Don't worry about the time; the important thing is THAT you finish, not when." She was right (thanks Leigh!) .... and that mantra is what kept me going at a steady pace. So I will have that going through my head again bright and early on Saturday morning. It's not the time that truly matters, it's the will to keep going when the lesser me would rather give up.

Doesn't apply to just the 5K, right?

BTW, these 3.2 pounds -- 50 ounces. FIFTY STINKING OUNCES between me and my goal weight. I will slay them, ounce by miserable ounce until they are all vanquished. It is personal. They will be mine and I shall obliterate them mercilessly. They. Shall. Croak. By my own hand. Thus sayeth the Netster.

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Tish Jett said...

Bravo, what you've done is amazing.

Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your "Meanderings" blog, think it's full of life and fun to read. Also wished to thank you for praising our book "Figure It Out: The Real Woman's Guide. . . ." How very kind.

Finally I was so pleased to see the ASPA insignia on your page. I've gotten lots of dogs from shelters and they've all been wonderful.

Please come over to see me at my blog sometime:

Best regards,