Thursday, March 26, 2009

Victories all the way around!

Okay, I really was preparing to write a whole post about NSV's (non-scale victories) because those are not only important, but these days, they're what I cling to!

I stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn't looking all that faboo. I figured at best, I might maintain from last week. I exercised at lunch anyway because I feel better when I do -- right there, that's an NSV. If you'd told me three years ago that I would actually enjoy exercise, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed.

I got to the meeting tonight, stepped on the scale and WHOA!!!!! Down 1.4 -- which was even lower than this morning's home scale said. HOT DOG! That means 224.0 gone -- only 4 to go to hit my goal. I got my doctor's note, and turned that in, so that is now my actual real goal!

So this week, I was blessed with a scale victory and lots of non-scale ones! My favorite NSV's of the week:

a) walking "Stadium Hill" and "Machine Hill" -- lemme splain. There's a pretty good hill in my hometown, and two different parallel roads both have this huge dip. When I was younger and totally invincible, I purposely drove down those hills, not bothering to be at a somewhat lower rate of speed -- because it was like a roller coaster! The name "Machine Hill" is one that a cousin bestowed on it. His grandfather lived not far from that particular stretch and for whatever reason, he called it "Machine Hill" ..... as in "Pa-Pa, let's go down Machine Hill." Not sure why he referred to it that way but he was about 4. Anyway, it's pretty steep. Tuesday evening, Maddox had already been walked so I took advantage of some alone time to walk. I decided to go down "Machine Hill"..... knowing that I'd also have to tackle "Stadium Hill" (its counterpart) on the way back. I did it..... I did the entire 2.22 mile loop in 45 minutes. Not exactly the greatest time ever but I was pretty damn proud that I didn't have to stop even ONCE to gear up for the hills or stop to rest during them.

b) buying new pants at The GW Boutique (heh heh) -- a sweet pair of Ralph Lauren dress pants. They're the right size and still a little too loose in the waist. If that wasn't sweet enough, then consider that I haven't been this size since junior high, if not even earlier. Yeah, I was a chunky, chunky kid and while I'm not exactly bursting with pride at having been that big that young, it simply is fact. But now is a whole new era for me. The healthy frame of mind about my size and my life and how all this fits in at last.

c) Exercising 5 days this week and missing it on the 2 when I couldn't fit it in. And how many calories does singing burn? (111 in 40 minutes; I looked it up). Okay not great shakes, but not bad for doing what I love anyway.

There's so much to celebrate -- find some victory for yourself this week, whether it's a few pounds or ounces down. A new clothing size or a looser one. A good habit formed, or replacing a bad one with a good one.


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Talmadge Gleck said...

That's great ... you're now within the 'final five'!

There's one of those kind of hills in Troy, Ala. It's affectionately known as 'thrill hill', a stretch of Pine Street north of the "old section of town" -- a good 60-ish' dip.

Hey, you take your "thrills" where you can get 'em.... ;-)