Thursday, March 05, 2009

It caught up with me....

The upper respiratory infection and all those antibiotics ..... the fun of a weekend getaway ...... the stress of the last few weeks at work ...... the little digestive problem I've had this week ...... the winter weather creating fewer opportunities for outside activity.

Yep, I had a slight gain: 0.4 pounds. I am actually rather pleased by that number. It could have been far worse!

Starting tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be utterly delightful the next few days --- in the 70s! Go figure, it was freezing cold and heavy wet snow last Sunday and this coming Sunday it is supposed to be at least 75. Frankly, I am so looking forward to being able to walk uptown again that I can hardly stand it. I've only walked outside once this week -- I did the treadmill and did some videos, but I love my outdoor walks best of all.

As far as the little digestive problem, I am thinking it's due to having the antibiotics wipe out all the good bacteria too. My body's trying to get back in sync and it's just not all worked out yet. Either that or -- God forbid -- I might have to cut out caffeine for a while. That will kill me. You might as well slit my wrists now.

So anyway, next week we will be back on track and going strong!!!!!

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