Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joining "The Point Club"

Well, with a 0.2 pound loss this week, I am now a member of the Point Club ..... where you lose a zero-point-X each time. I know these last few pounds are going to be the most difficult, but GEE WHIZ!!!!!!!!!!

So, how to break this slump? I don't know. I'm using a few of my flex points each week, and I could do a "blowout" meal just to see. I need to shake up my exercise routine, and using the FitDeck cards is going to be a big help..... I used the Bodyweight Deck at the office today: warmed up for 5 minutes with a lap around the building, then pulled random cards for about another 10 minutes. Just ten minutes? Yeah. One, I was getting hungry; I had planned to start the routine around 12:30, but demands on my time pushed it back to 1:15. Even with my morning snack, I wasn't going to go much beyond 1:30 before needing to eat. Two, even though I walk and am in fairly good cardio shape, doing calisthenics is another story. The card on lunges alone nabbed me (my quads are SOOOO gonna be sore tomorrow). But it's a great change of pace, and I am really looking forward to alternating these with my walks. Walking around town after work is one thing, walking around a commercial building 5 or 6 times is quite another ........

But give up? NO. NO. NO. This little slump is all personal now. VERY personal. These last 5.4 pounds are NOT going to get the better of me. Oh no. I am going to kick their butts six ways to Wednesday and back again. They don't scare me.

So to everyone who's battling their membership in The Point Club -- HANG IN THERE! We can do it!

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jmoore said...

You are such an inspiration. Keep up the good work. I have heard you at the Anderson WW. I was hoping I would get to hear you again. Tempie