Friday, January 09, 2009

A moment of pride....

While pride goeth before a fall, allow me to wallow in it for just a brief span.

Earlier this week, we had a visit from someone whom we are planning to hire. He came by my office to get some benefits information, and saw my triptych on the wall. When I hit my one-year anniversary (and 100 pounds gone), my coworkers gave me a wonderful 3-panel picture frame. In the first opening, they put my "before" picture. In the middle is space for my current picture, and in the last frame, is a printout of a beach volleyball player, with my head superimposed on it. It's a great visual aid, and keeps me in check.

Anyway, the almost-employee asked me as he was leaving, "So what's the significance of the three pictures?" I replied, "Oh, that's my before, current, and to-be pictures." His jaw dropped. "That's not you. They've taken your ... wait, is that just Photoshopped?" No, I assured him, it really was me. 216 pounds ago, but it was really me. No joke. And the sad part is I haven't updated the middle picture in months (note to self: do it today!)

Just a few minutes ago, I got a very nice thank-you letter for the information I provided, along with this note as well: "I am so impressed with what you have done with your lifestyle change. It is really empowering to see."

It's precisely those kind of things that just make my day..... and that people recognize this as a lifestyle change. I have dieted and failed miserably. But changing my habits has changed my life. Doing what's good for me has made a huge difference and it's more than just a physical change, though that's certainly more visible. Changing the way I think, the things I do, how I react to what life throws me...... that's a real lifestyle change! The physical view is just one manifestation of that.

Okay, better get off this pedestal, or I will surely fall. But I just had to share it with everyone!


Talmadge Gleck said...

I'm sure Andy Warhol might've also said one should have 15 minutes of pedestal time.

Yeah. WW leader. I can see that for you.

You're awesome, you know that?

Nancy said...

I visit your site frequently, and as I've said before - you are a fantastic role model. WW Leader? Absolutely! 23 years ago I had joined WW to lose the weight I had gained from my 2nd pregnancy. I lost the weight and did fine for several years, then gained. And gained. My mom had died, I broke an ankle, blah blah everyone has their story, right? But I've messed around with so many ways to diet - and kept reading your blog. I've now joined WW online a week and a half ago - am down 5 lbs of the 60 I'd like to lose, but more than that, I see (finally!) that this is a lifestyle I can live with. You wrote awhile ago about giving yourself options - and I think of that every single day. You truly are an inspiration. Sorry this is so long...

Lynn said...

Wow! You have done an amazing job! What a journey! You should be proud!