Thursday, January 08, 2009

Train keeps a-rollin'....

on downhill toward GOAL!!! I lost one more pound for a total of 216.6 ..... only 11.4 to go and I am still stoked about that. No, it's not the ten from a couple of weeks ago, but so what?

Tonight at our meeting, we talked about the 7 steps to success. And you'd think after all this time, I'd be sitting there going, "Oh, I don't need this...." WRONG! I still need the lessons, even after all this time. I still need to listen to my body's signals. I still need to track everything. I still need to pay attention to the good health guidelines. I still need to do all these things or that train will derail!

Continuing the train analogy, it takes a lot of cars and engines working together ...... the program itself, the support of so many others on the same journey, and my own determination. And all these parts need to be in proper balance. Sometimes when my own determination isn't enough, I need that extra support from others. And then I can turn around and give it to others.

And that's where the next part of my journey will take me..... I want to be a Leader when I reach goal. I want so much to help others they way I've been helped! So keep your fingers crossed that I'll get there soon!

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Talmadge Gleck said...

You would make a wonderful leader. No, scratch that. An awesome leader.

What WW needs, I feel, are more folks whose journeys have been substantial, like yours. You can talk straight to that 400 lb. woman who just took that leap of faith ... you can talk right to her heart and she'll listen.

I truly hate to trivialize anyone else, but there's too much "piddling" efforts celebrated to the detriment of the bigger people in the room. I'm glad to see success in others, while at the same time thinking "Okay, lady, you're celebrating 10 pounds off a frame that already looks like it needs a sandwich orgy." If that makes any sense.

You would be an tremendous inspirer. Heck, you already are. This might be your ultimate calling......