Friday, January 02, 2009

It's a carousel week.....

I went for weigh-in early again this week, and it was FULL of people either coming back after a few weeks layoff, or signing up to join (or in some cases, join again!).

I was up by 2.4 pounds -- so it's now back to 12.4 to go for goal. It's okay, though. I'm not upset or discouraged in the least. First of all, losing 4 pounds was great but I knew it seemed a little high. So I expected a "bounceback" -- and I still averaged just under a pound a week. I stepped on the scale at home this morning, just to gauge things, and it is down (as it should be -- I've done some exercise every day this week; GOOD FOR ME!).

So I'm working it hard this week to stay on track, and this ten (oops, now 12.4) pounds will come off very soon!

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Melissa said...

Seriously. I am awestruck at you and how you are not plastered over everything WW related, I will never know. 12 pounds to your goal. Amazing and I know you will hit it very soon.