Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just a quick note to say that I'm down another 1.2 --- 217.8 total! Almost back down to the Christmas Eve weigh-in (when I was down 218 even). That means just 10.2 to go!!!! I'm so very excited and can't wait for the week to come.

I didn't get as much exercise in as I would have liked -- but I did the stationary bike the other evening for 30 minutes. BOY did my glutes hurt the next day, but I felt good about that. I also bought The Biggest Loser: Yoga and Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance to try for the rest of the winter. Why the yoga video? Well, I need to be more flexible; that's the part of the exercise equation I don't do so well on. I'm doing better than even months ago and I'm certain way better than 3 years ago, but I can always improve! I have a Kathy Smith Latin cardio VHS tape from a few years back, but my VCR has long been broken, and why spend the money to get that fixed when VHS is pretty much phased out now.... I'll let you know how they are. My coworker also has the yoga video and she told me today, "That was a workout!" I could use that -- a good challenge!

And this weekend, I have a health fair at WW that I'll be working. I love that -- getting out and meeting people and sharing not only my story, but the idea of improving our health, our bodies, our minds and spirits, and our lives. How just a few small changes can lead to great change in ourselves. If you don't believe it --- just ask.


Talmadge Gleck said...

1) Congrats on yet another drop. I'll bet you're super excited about being on the verge of single digits away from your final goal - we all sure are!!

2) I have an extra VCR if you'd like to have it. I could bring it with me when we all convene next month. Just say the word.....

Ballz said...

You're awesome! I use those Biggest Loser workouts--they are pretty good and even get me in a sweat. I'd like to get the DWTS workout too. With the economy the way it is--working out at home is the only really affordable thing!

I am constantly amazed at your weight loss. I know it is so difficult and it has been a pleasure to watch your progress.