Saturday, August 20, 2011

Honoring What Is Happening

This has been a rather eventful week for me -- tons of rehearsal time and a very special event at WW. We did an "Inspiration" event featuring several of us who'd lost over 100 pounds each. We had 135 people at the event -- UNBELIEVABLE!!! I got such a rush of energy from everyone, and I am in pure awe of everyone and their stories. We each had an event, a reason, a moment where we let go and realized that we needed some help....... and shared our stories, our successes, our moments of weakness. It was awesome!! I love special events like this, and I am always happy to even be a small part of them.

With the summer heat still in full swing, I've still got some of the retention issues going on... UGH. So I'm drinking my waters, trying hard not to overindulge in caffeine, watching my sodium wherever possible..... and still it didn't seem like enough. Last night was my scheduled massage, and I had a different massage therapist from usual. I was all knotted up, as poofy as the Stay-Puft man, and sorely in need (no pun intended) to have all the kinks and twists just taken out of me.

As I was being worked on in the silence, with just the soft music and lights to provide a touchstone, I felt a little embarrassed that the poor therapist had to work so hard on the problem areas. I mean, the poor fella was practically sweating trying to apply trigger point pressure on my upper back..... and the oddest thought occurred to me:

Honor what is happening in your body.

Do what? Say that again? I didn't catch it.

Honor what is happening in your body.

My body is telling me to stress less, rest more. My body is telling me it's okay to put my feet up, literally, for my health. My body is telling me that it's okay that I'm taking this medication if it is correcting an anomaly. My body is telling me that I need to let go ..... that as long as I don't let go of certain things, it cannot get rid of all that junk in me that clutters up the real me.

Honor what is happening in your body.

I am. I am going to stop trying to fight and start learning to accept. I am going to learn that I can control my food choices, my exercise routines, etc. but I cannot control all the other stuff. All I can control is how I react to what comes my way.

Strange new thoughts for a strange new world.

And how did it work for me? Down 1.2 this week. There just might be something to this after all!

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Angie {Successful2gether} said...

:) good for you Annette!!