Thursday, June 09, 2011

Keeping track....

This week's topic was all about tracking .... and to help keep us on track, those of us who have been working Saturday mornings have been passing around a tracker among ourselves, to help us be more accountable.

Throughout my 5 years of being a WW member, tracking has never been a problem or issue. I would say that 95% of the time, I am a pretty faithful tracker. Even when I was following Simply Filling, I tracked to keep up with my weekly allowance, and to help me see where I needed to tweak things. During my transition to PointsPlus, tracking was utterly essential ....

For the first four years, I tracked in my journals faithfully. It has only been within the last year or so that e-Tools has become my preferred method of tracking. I'm on a computer all day, I figure I might as well take 2-3 minutes at lunch time to track what I eat (I track breakfast at home, snack & lunch then, afternoon snack & dinner at home, as well as any evening treats).

Anyway, this week was my week to take the paper journal and commit to it..... And I have been very faithful about tracking this week, both online and on paper. So what did I learn this week?

1. That holy crap, am I in a rut..... same breakfast, every morning. Of course, I have the same breakfast 98% of the time: cereal (mostly Kashi GoLean original), milk, banana, and blueberries (at least lately). Pros - it's quick, and I know the PPV. And it WORKS to keep me from snacking the minute I get to work. Cons - well, it's the same old same old. New plan: a different breakfast idea at least 2 times a week.

2. Snack rut too --- fruit in the morning, popcorn in the afternoon. Pros: it works. Cons: zzzzz. Okay, seriously, the afternoon one may not be working so well, especially when I have a late night. This week, I had a couple of late nights in a row, and it meant that one night, I went about four hours between popcorn and a real meal. It held, but I could have done much better. New plan: think of a new afternoon snack, if nothing else. The fruit works well in the morning, but I need more protein in the afternoon. Think hummus or boiled egg (which I have on hand!)

3. Exercise -- I definitely need to do more each day. Right now, I have a 2x-week interval routine, a 1x-week "power routine" but I need to do something at least 2 more times during the week. Starting this week, for the first time in 6 months, my schedule will finally ... finally ... finally stabilize. So with that in mind.... New Plan: Walk Maddox two mornings or very late evenings a week -- probably Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

And the best part of the week's tracking: Monday and today were both incredibly harried and hurried and horrific. Monday, it seemed that everyone had a question that only I could answer, or a problem that only I could solve (I exaggerate... slightly... very slightly). Today... OMG. Do not even ask.... two words: DMV and Hacked Account (okay, that's technically 3 words - and 2 completely separate problems!). Neither day did I even think about stuffing my face with food. Didn't even consider it. Both days, I had too much on my plate (so to speak) ... food, not even part of the equation. WHEW. Not that I want all that stress -- God, no, please, not. But I like the knowledge that I do not have to turn to food. That's big.

Here's hoping this week finds you on track, back on track, planning to get on track, or even just wondering which way the track runs.....



Angie A said...

:thumbsup: :)

TerryP said...

when I started points plus in january, I found that I was ashamed when I ate something that I thought wasn't good for me. I was still used to LEGAL foods and cheating. this time I only restarted, mind you, but I have decided NO SHAME. if I eat it, I write it. I know that I was only lying to myself but I couldn't lie to me so I stopped the program in week three. i'm not falling for that trap this time!