Monday, June 06, 2011

How is my garden growing?

Actually, very well!

I transplanted all the tomato plants, the orange bell pepper plant, the zucchini, and the cucumber plants to my raised bed. I am using Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil for the raised bed; I had been using the same thing, but the "container soil" for the pots. The next things to be transplanted -- probably tomorrow night -- will be the salad greens, the broccoli, and the eggplant seedlings that survived.

The herbs are doing well, as are the berry plants (both strawberry & blueberry). I would like to get another blueberry bush.... maybe this weekend!

I will take pictures of everything tomorrow night to show off!

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Angie A said...

WOOHOO! Grow Nettie Grow Nettie Grow Nettie GROW!!!!!