Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!

On May 11, 2006, right around this time of day, I was driving home and thinking, "This has got to work. It just has to. Things cannot get any worse. I cannot get any heavier. This.... this is it. I have to make this work."

I had just left the doors of the Greenville SC Weight Watchers center. I was nervous, and yet oddly excited. I had the feeling that I'd just taken my life back. I had no idea what lay five years out -- only the potential that if I didn't do something, then all my friends might be standing around a pine box going, "Why? What happened?"

Everything in the universe clicked together that day and made me say, "This is it. It has to be tonight." I believe very strongly that there are no coincidences. I was meant to be there that night, because fate/God/the universe had me there the same night as Debbie and Bev. Debbie and Bev were two guardian angels with precious golden hearts and nerves of steel, and enough love and care for me and everyone else in the room.

And here I am. That night, I would not have believed you if you had told me
  • that I could do even one 5K -- let alone the ten I have done in just 3-1/2 years. Why not more? Working on Saturday mornings (prime race time). Oh well! I do the ones I can!
  • that I would become deeply interested in food, in nutrition, in physiology, in so many other things that it takes to work to become truly whole.
  • that I would decide that part of my mission in life is to educate and advocate, and not just about health and wellness.
Even more than all that, what I have learned is how not to settle. I found my voice -- not just to share my story, but I really did find my physical voice again. I found my hipbones as well as my backbone. I found life in the most unexpected ways.

Happy Five .... of many!


Angie A said...

<3 you keep doing your thang :)
Ever so proud of you my dear!

Talmadge said...

What can I say that doesn't sound hokey and trite?

Just this: I'm in sober awe of you. Simple as that.