Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sometimes it be's like that.

Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, baby
Sometimes you're the ball.....

-- Mark Knopfler

And today was just such a day. I was SO proud of myself because I'd really struggled last week. This week, I worked out hard (including the 5K) and was down big at this week's weigh-in. After work this morning, I headed for a meeting where my best friend is involved... and lunch was KFC. Not just KFC, but KFC Original.

Forgive me if I break into "Precious Memories" but KFC doth provide. My maternal grandmother lived in a nursing home, of her own choice, for the last five years of her life. Her one indulgence each month, when she got a small refund check after her care was paid for, was to call us to come visit and stop by KFC and get her a two-piece meal. I'm telling you, it's been 35 years, and I can STILL smell KFC from the 70s and it's a sweet, pleasant memory.

So there I was, faced with a powerful memory -- and hunger too by this point (1:45 PM). So I indulged. But I did GOOD. I stripped off the skin and as much breading as possible -- saved me 6 PPV!!! (And the chicken was still tasty .... yum yum!). The green beans were awesome, and even the gravy didn't hurt the mashed potatoes. But then came Satan presenting himself to me, just as he did to Mother Eve all those years ago..... okay, except temptation wasn't an apple, it was a KFC biscuit. And I'm betting the fruit was just as yummy to Eve as that biscuit was to me.

Okay, honestly, did I need it? No. But I will say this. I didn't feel the need to eat again the rest of the afternoon through a haircut and grocery shopping and a couple of other errands.

I called home to see what dinner plans were, thinking we might grill out, as we are sometimes wont to do on a pretty Saturday evening. "Iunnna..." (or, more closely translated, "I don't know") was the response. Okay, fine, whatever, we'll figure it out. I go on to the grocery, when I hear the phone ring.... "Hey, we decided on pizza, so I got a cheese, and it's Domino's is that okay?" Sure. If I decide I don't want it, I have food, it's no biggie.

I changed my mind: the pizza called.... I responded. Dang it was good. And paired with a salad and some fresh fruit, even better.

The overall damage? Not nearly what I thought. Oh sure, I used a few of my Points Plus Allowance for the week, but I expected to. I'm not stuffed but I am satisfied. And it's all good.

Yep, sometimes it be's like that.

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Angie A said...

Honey this is my life ALL THE TIME! :D it is okay to live a little. I find it helps keep me from screwing up ALL the time :D