Monday, May 23, 2011

I don't usually brag too much on myself...

But this one I'm shouting from the rooftops!

Yesterday was the Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge. Our local one had over 500 registrants and 444 finishers....... I was #91. HOLY COW!!! I'm almost always in the bottom third at every 5K I'm in, so to finish in the top 25% was astounding.

Better still.......... I have a new Personal Record!!!! 45:56!

Yes, I finally broke 48 minutes. Even more impressive given that the temperature yesterday (even after 6:00 PM) was just a little cooler than the inner circles of hell.

But even more impressive were all the people who showed, who walked, who competed against themselves and their limits. I was so proud of so many people for whom it was their first ever organized event. I hope it spurs in them a desire to try again, and to do more. Now they have a benchmark, a starting place -- a bar to be lowered. I'm so proud of the people who have taken their health into their hands and decided to make things better.

And I'm proud that WW is donating to the Alliance for a Healthy Generation -- it is a great initiative to help stem the tide of childhood obesity. It is up to all of us -- parents or not -- to not only model good healthy behavior for children, but to listen to them when they tell us about healthy behaviors they want to adopt. Let's encourage all our children to eat right and be active -- and do it ourselves.

Can't wait for the next 5K, and next year's WW Walk-It Challenge..... dare I set my sights on 43:00? :)Link

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Angie A said...

:walking dance: YOU CAN DO IT! :) :D