Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet Inspiration

Lately, I have been completely digging the Derek Trucks Band, especially their 2009 release Already Free ... and the song that is my go-to song has been this one:

It was playing in my CD player as I got out of the car at work this morning, and somehow it was appropriate: inspiration ended up being a personal theme over and over. I had someone thank me for my gift of singing. We had someone who hit a milestone today and she was SO good to hear. There were two new enrollees during my open hours who help me remember my own first days of membership -- and how scary and yet empowered I felt to get this new lease on life.

And then there was Cassandra -- yes, dear, I am calling you out by name! Cassandra is a member of one of the weekday meetings, and she stops by sometimes on Saturdays to pick up some snacks for the week ahead, or to just say hi. We spoke for a while today about the Walk-It Challenge, and I mentioned some of the discussions that helped me formulate last week's post, especially about being your own competition. She brightened a little and said, "That's it, you have inspired me. I'm going home to sign up for this walk!" It was cloud nine for me from there on it -- she inspired me to really have a great day!

Do you know what inspiration really means? To breathe life into ... to infuse with spirit. Spring is awesome inspiration - the world is awakening again from dormancy with beautiful green lushness and eye-popping colors. For those who are from the Judaic or Christian traditions of faith, we have wonderful stories of life-springing-from-death, freedom-from-bondage in the stories of Passover and the Exodus or in the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. Other faith traditions from around the world have similar stories of awakening, enlivening, inspiration.

So in that vein, how are we doing at casting off the old dead habits, methods, ways, plans that don't work for us anymore? How are we showing others that yes, anything is possible with a little freshening and ingenuity? Are we sowing seeds of hard work, patience, perseverance, and determination that will yield the results we do desire?

Who are our role models? How do they inspire us? How do we enliven and inspire those around us? How are we doing at being not just our own competition, but our own best friend too?

All of this ties into taking care of ourselves. I feel like I'm a broken record, but really it's true: no one can care for us the way we can care for ourselves. This week, take just one small step in better self-care ..... to inspire others to do the same. And maybe in caring for ourselves and inspiring each other, we'll find that we're really caring for each other in the best way possible!

To everyone who inspired, inspires, and will inspire me ---- THANK YOU!

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