Saturday, April 09, 2011

So, I've been thinking....

(and long-time readers and friends will shrug and go, "What else is new?")

Okay, so I was thinking about some things from both my own regular meeting (as a member) and at other ones where I work or attend just if I need a boost. And one of the things that I occasionally hear is the lack of support that people get when they're trying to make healthy changes for themselves, or even little steps for a healthier family. Spouses or kids who throw up roadblocks, their own self-defeating tape loop in their brain.....

That first one, I don't have much experience with as a "confirmed bachelorette" (which sounds far better than "old maid"). But I definitely have experience with the second one. I have it far less these days, and much improvement over the old self-talk about my body, but it's still there. My favorite self-description is "I'm a doofus" or "I am such a geek about...." (insert favorite weird hobby).

Today, as I was straightening up the center while working, I suppose I was pondering some of the things I'd heard along this vein in the last week or so. And I got mad. I haven't decided if for me anger is so much a bad thing. And it's not anger in the sense of rage or an appetite for destruction (ooh, good CD).... it's more what you might call "righteous indignation." A passion for helping the downtrodden find justice .... yeah, I like that.

And this thought occurred to me as I was stewing about it: "There are two people in this universe who are allowed to define me: my Maker and myself. That's it. No one else."

Ooh rah. Kick (NSFW). Think about that. Soak it in.... I'll wait..... No, read it again. I have all the time in the world.

Are you allowing others to define you?
* The child who's defining your eating habits -- because HE or SHE doesn't want (name the good food) and is pitching a fit for McDonalds, and oh well, you're just powerless over a Big Mac? REALLY?
* The spouse who's upset because they love you just as you are -- which might mean, "I don't want you to change because (list any reason here, I have several in mind)." And gee whiz, love of my life, I don't want to cause you too much grief like that, so I won't grow too much more as a person. Hmmm......
* The coworkers who are sabotaging your efforts: "Oh, it won't kill you to go out with us once a week..... after all, can't you eat this kind of food on the Plan?" (insert evil grin) And Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesday or Wherever.... well, you do love it there, but the coworkers will always order dessert, and golly gee, you love sharing that cheesecake.....


You have control. You decide. You define yourself.

You've read on here that I'm so reluctant to define myself as an athlete -- because I have this preconceived idea of what an athlete should look like..... but in reality, I am an athlete (snicker. Okay, there I said it.). I compete in races. I work out. My competition isn't the other racers -- their pace is not my concern. My pace is my concern. I compete against myself, my previous times, every single race. Who cares that George Peabody XV finished the Race Of The Day in 12:24 and it took me 52:05? Good for George, but whoop-de-crap. I care that 52:05 is better than my last race time..... in short, I define me. I define my success.

And I refuse to let others -- or myself -- derail me or my success.

And that, Charlie Sheen, is WINNING!


Iris said...

Thank you for the 'boost'.

Angie A said...

yet another great post begging to be shared !
I was just discussing this with Ed, who is fortunately very supportive! Thank you Annette!