Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am in trouble now...

Several weeks ago, a member stopped by our center for a weigh-in. She was visiting from Pennsylvania (if memory serves) and stopped in on her way to Florida. During part of her brief moments with us, she told us about a place in Pinehurst NC that does gourmet specialty olive oils and vinegars. I told some of my buddies about it and we laughed and said, "ROAD TRIP!!!" (Pinehurst is about 6-7 hours or so from here?).

Alas, no road trip awaits. At least not 6 or 7 hours in cars with my coworkers. Instead, we may make a 30 minute trip. There is a similar store RIGHT near us.

Dear Upstate SC friends, I present to you: Palmetto Olive Oil Co. They were at the Upstate Spice of Life Expo this weekend. I stopped by there on the advice of a fellow WW staffer.

I walked out a little lighter in the wallet but with a TDF bottle of strawberry balsamic vinegar. Some of the same made its way to my salad tonight. Oh yum. I could have bought one of everything. It was that good. I also liked the cranberry-pear white balsamic. And the Persian Lime olive oil.

Yes, dear friends. I am indeed in deeeeeeep yogurt. Or oil. Or balsamic. Oh...dear.


And may I also recommend Great Harvest Bread Co. (Upstate peeps, they're on Woodruff Road). I asked them an odd question: "Do you have a whole-wheat bread that's also low-carb? I know, an oxymoron, right?" To which they replied, "Not at all, we have that, but not right now...." (I caught them right as EVERYONE was packing up). Lo and behold, they HAD one for me! And according to their nutritional stats, a 42 gram (~1.5 oz) slice is worth 2 PointsPlus. OH MY!


Well, I had seen a tweet earlier this week that tied into my last post about local eating.... with a link to a good article. Dang if I can find it now. Don't even remember which person or group tweeted it! DARN IT! If I find it, I will post it.

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Angie A said...

great finds :) I am glad you were able to enjoy the show as well as work it. We were in Greenville TRYING to find the 5K location. I emailed Sheri and hopefully there will be better info soon. let's just say the directions from the sign up site when you print from home to the nature park = not so good :D