Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loving this.....

Need a good boost right about now? I did too – and I got a great one yesterday afternoon. It was a cold, blustery day here in the South. It was starting to get dark already on my way out the door from work. I had already decided that morning that while I was going to work out, I would do so within the comfy and warm confines of my home and not at the gym. I think that with the weather, my homing instinct kicked in and I couldn’t think of any place I would rather be. Yeah, odd for me…..

There I was, on my way out the door when I stopped to thank our marketing director for all she had done to make our office party a hit. She said, “Oh, I’m glad – you looked like you were having a great time. You had tons of energy!” What a fantastic thought!!!

That was a feeling I couldn’t buy five years ago: not only the glow of the compliment, but the reason itself. Yes, I did have a lot of unexpected energy for 9:00 PM and a pretty busy day. This Saturday was even busier for me than normal. I had work (7:45 until 12:30), and then busted tail to get to an afternoon 5K – the Jingle Bell Jog! This was a 5k sponsored by a neighborhood “Fun Run” group… just a group of concerned parents who wanted to set good examples for the kids in their subdivision. My physical therapist’s husband (also a PT) is one of the group founders and sponsors of the race. So I paid my fee, made my way over, and had a marvelous afternoon! And miracle of miracles, I was only 28 seconds slower than my personal best (I was thinking it was just 20 seconds, but oh well…). From there, it was home to change for the party, back to downtown G-vegas, and then, party on, Garth.....!!!

Five years ago, at the first Christmas party I went to as an employee, I wore a stretchy black dress, in that wonderful drape-crepe material that forgives everything, with a black wrap, and still looked like Battleship Nettie...... I had enough energy to dance to portions of two songs, but that was it. Tired, drained, and feet were killing me. This year, I worked all morning, walked 3 miles (just on the course) and STILL had the energy to get out and dance, and have energy left over when I got home.

I remember what it was like to wake up draggy, go sloggily throughout my day, have enough energy to do a few things at night and drag myself to bed at night..... I do not EVER want to go there again. It is not a fun place to live. These days, I wake early and still go to bed late (that part never changed). But it's how I pack my days in between that make the difference. It really is a feeling like no other.

If I could bottle how good it feels to have that type of energy. While sometimes I do feel tired and want to take it easy, I find that when I get home, I really can't sit still. I seem to be in perpetual motion..... and that's not altogether a bad thing!

Energy: if I could bottle that feeling........ I'd give it away!

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