Thursday, December 02, 2010

Are you excited?!?!

If you haven't been to this week's meeting then make sure you get to one this week .... because PointsPlus is here!!!! PointsPlus is the newest program offered by Weight Watchers, combining the best information in nutritional science with the well-known successful Weight Watchers approach!

Most of my readers know (or at least have figured out) that not only am I a Lifetime WW Member, I am also a Weight Watchers employee. I have been using this new plan for about 8 weeks now, and it has definitely helped me maintain my weight loss -- which is what I wanted anyway..... Now, I am ready to ramp it up even more to lose about five more pounds. I truly believe that PointsPlus will help me do just that. One of the things I appreciate most about PointsPlus is the sense of extra flexibility -- not that the previous plans didn't have that built in, but I really feel it with this one.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers, especially for readers who will be hitting their launch meetings on Friday or Saturday....... but keep in mind that change is sometimes just what we need to get us going in the right direction. So I hope that you will eagerly embrace the change, and enjoy what PointsPlus will do!


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