Thursday, December 03, 2009

My December Weigh-In.....

will take place Saturday morning. I stepped on tonight and it was up, and enough to not be within my allotted range for Lifetime. Whaaaaa!!! What's that all about? It was within range this morning! I got up early to work out. I had a PT session today which usually (um) helps move fluids out. I made sure I drank my water.

I had thought about weighing tomorrow morning, but that would be getting up even earlier than usual for a workout (so that I could leave earlier to run by for a weigh-in). Nor do I really want to postpone breakfast for 2 hours later than usual. Instead, I will workout tomorrow night, giving my legs a few extra hours of recuperation, and also give me more strength training time. Maybe get 2 sets in, instead of just one. That's the one bad thing about early morning workouts -- I have so little time in the mornings as it is.

So tomorrow, I will be sure to keep drinking my water, watch my sodium as much as possible, and hope for the best on Saturday!

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