Saturday, December 05, 2009

If you heard the sound of a rushing wind....

this morning around 7:55 AM, that would have been me. I was exhaling for all I was worth, standing on a scale at the WW center where I fill in as receptionist on occasion, waiting on the verdict.

Maintained. Exact same weight from last month's weigh-in. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet little 8-pound 6-ounce Jesus baby in the manger.

It also hit me at the meeting that even with being well-hydrated, I had also been relying this week on prepackaged frozen meals. I didn't have much time to cook last weekend, so I decided to use what was already in my cabinet and freezer. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow -- yeah, that's right: cooking my own stuff and being in more control of the seasonings.

That's one bad thing about processed foods, or some ethnic foods -- just slap full of sodium. When I was 15 years old or so, I stopped using salt on my food. It's a long story, but basically I realized I didn't really need it, I was just doing so because we always had. What amazes me is how sodium is so prevalent in canned foods, processed meats, frozen meals and so many other things. I know it occurs naturally, and I realize that I have no control over that, and that I still need some in my diet. But I was shocked to discover one day that my full cup of green beans had over 750 mg of sodium in them. I mean, really ...... do green beans need that much sodium in the canned liquid? Unless you're a survivalist stocking your underground bunker for Armageddon, you really don't need that level of preservatives in your food. I don't want a can of green beans or corn to last for that long. I fully intend to eat it much sooner.

So I am rinsing all my canned vegetables, buying the "no salt added" varieties whenever I can, and trying not to eat so many processed items. It's hard to do, especially on a budget (both time and money). But is my health worth it? Yes.


It's the holiday (eating) season. Don't forget that as much as we don't want them to..... BLT's (bites, licks & tastes) do count. Le sigh. Nibbles count too. So does the glass of wine at a holiday party. Choose your battles and your points wisely. Listen, I don't plan to abstain from a glass of wine or two during the season, but I also know to draw the line at one drink per event, mainly because of the empty calories.

So how are you planning to handle this season of festivities, fetes, food and fun?

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