Monday, November 23, 2009

Making the right choice

Pride goeth before a fall..... but while I'm still standing......

Today was a good day. I hit the gym at 5:20 AM, did 20 on the elliptical and would have gone longer but I felt a little cramping (not a pull or sore muscle but it just didn't feel right, so I took it easier). Did some legwork on the weight machines too.

Then for lunch, I had a work/lunch meeting. We met at a nearby deli with a really good grilled chicken salad. I had them take off the almonds and cheese -- just chicken & veggies. I also had a cup of their veggie beef soup; really tasty AND had blackeyed peas in it. While I don't like BEP's by themselves, they weren't bad in the soup, and gave me some extra fiber. I guesstimated the soup and salad as best I could, and had a nice, very filling 5-point lunch (at least by my best guess). By the time for my afternoon popcorn break, I was still not starving but knew I'd need something for the ride home .... and surprisingly, it didn't hold me. Normally, popcorn is just enough for me to hold me even if I decide to work out after work. But not tonight.... huh.

On the trip home, I had to stop for gas for all three tanks: my actual gas tank, my stomach, and my "caffeine" tank. I had a few extra points from today, so I went looking for .... okay, as healthy a snack as you can get at a convenience store. Around here, best of luck. So I found a Fiber One bar. I love them, but I really didn't want to invest two points in it ... especially since I was on the way home for dinner. It wasn't that I couldn't spare the points, but I didn't want to. Reluctantly though, I approached the checkout with that and my Diet Dew Code Red in hand.

And there it was. FRESH FRUIT. At the checkout. Apples -- although, YUCK, Red Delicious or Granny Smith. Yeah, those are the two easiest to find throughout the year, but really, not my favorites. There were bananas there, but I had already had one this morning. Besides, if I wasn't willing to give up two points for a Fiber One bar, then I really didn't want to for a banana. And then.... tangerines. OOOOH!!!! So I put the F1 bar back, grabbed the tangerine and paid for the goods.

YUM. It was fresh, juicy, very delicious, and surprisingly filling. But what I appreciated most about the tangerine was that I chose it. Too often, if I have to stop at a convenience store, I settle for the Fiber One bars or a protein bar where I have to break it into fourths just for 1 or 2 points (which is just a nibble)...... but it always seems that C-stores with fresh fruit (or some with ANY kind of fruit) are so far between. In my main blog, back in February, I gave serious props to Sheetz convenience stores for having fresh fruit, cut fruit, cut veggies, yogurt, etc. right there near the checkout. If we were to get a Sheetz here, I would weep with joy; the nearest one is 3-1/2 hours away. I digress....... I could have easily said, "I've got the bar, I'll just take it instead." But I realized that the tangerine would be a better choice at that time.

And truly amazing? I got the tangerine at 7:00. I just now finished dinner. I wasn't hungry enough to go heat something until 8:30. Amazing that one little tangerine accomplished that.


The fall? Tomorrow is our company Thanksgiving dinner. We are keeping it fairly simple this year. I'm bringing just plain corn. We're having regular vegetables, a few casseroles, and whatever desserts are being brought. I may even take my nukable sweet potato instead of having SP casserole (which I love anyway but.......). Deciding whether or not to do a quickie workout tomorrow morning, just in case. Oh my. I'm addicted, aren't I?

It's a week to go until weigh-ins start for December -- can't be too slack!!!

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