Friday, November 06, 2009

The November verdict.......

Another month free! I am up a bit (1.4 pounds over goal), and that's partly due to the incredibly good potluck last week at work, and all the leftover Halloween candy. What's important is that I'm still within range for the month. And so, now my task is to work hard to get back down to a more reasonable margin. I'm also retaining water a bit, so I'm going to have to watch my sodium a little more closely, and keep up with water intake. I've done good but I did have a couple of days where it took some doing to get in 2 liters.


At last night's meeting, we talked about how to control what you can during the holidays. One member mentioned accurate measuring and portion control. Generally, I have no problem with this: except at potlucks. It's still hard for me to really visualize portions of casseroles and such. Pieces of meat? I have the palm guide and the deck of cards (or checkbook for fish). Veggies & fruits? Yeah, I can visualize a computer mouse (half-cup) or a tennis ball (full cup). Casseroles? (That pop you hear was my brain exploding).

At these types of events, my chief problem in portion guessing is that I overestimate what's on the plate. Yes, I realize that this is highly unusual; most people tend to underestimate, and I have myself on occasion. But overestimating can be just as bad. For example, I might write that I had a quarter-cup of something -- but later realize that it was really 2 tablespoons and not the whole quarter-cup. Now that doesn't sound like a problem, right? I actually consumed fewer calories/points than expected. Well, yeah, it's a problem. On those days, I tend to exercise more or eat much lighter at other meals to compensate. It's simple math: I'm expending even more, consuming even less than I thought -- and yes, Virginia, you can eat too little calories and slow down your metabolism. Rut-roh, Raggy, we all know what that means: a messed-up scale reading, because the body is hanging on thinking, "Oh no, it's famine time!"

During one of my very first meetings after joining, my regular leader was absent, and the substitute leader spoke of how she took a quarter-cup measuring cup with her to all family reunions, etc. She told people, "Sorry, this may take a moment...." and she'd measure out her quarter-cup portion of food for her plate. I got the underlying message -- take a small piece of what you want and savor it -- but I may have to start actually using her trick.

Oddly enough, I can see me at potlucks with a quarter-cup in one hand and a 1 Tbsp measuring spoon in the other. I have a feeling my coworkers would be patient enough to allow me my quirk (because they know my quirks seem to work for me). My extended family is pretty happy that I've gotten the weight off ... they might snicker, but hey, let 'em.

Whatever it takes..... whatever it takes. Try every trick, every suggestion, every mind game that you need to meet your holiday goal -- whether it's "I'm going to lose weight by January 2" or "I just want to maintain" or even "As long as I don't gain 10 pounds over the holidays, I will be thrilled." (We found out last night that one study shows that the average American will gain 17 pounds between Halloween and mid-January. GASP!!!!)

My own goal is to maintain (yeah, I know, that's my goal every month) .... but really, my goal is to be at or below goal on January 2. OOH RAH!

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Carolina Lady said...

Hi, I came home from our Celebrations meeting and could not wait to get my chores completed and cook dinner for my husband, so I could sit down and read your blog. My behind is sore from sitting here for so long. I have read your complete journey.
You go girl!
I am struggling to reach my goal, need to lose those last 3 pounds or as you say 48 ozs. I am going to try some of your tricks, like eating all my points, I have increased my water, but love the thought of going to Mutt's and having some Q and sweet potato crunch, and not worrying about it. I have to go to your other blog, M&M and see if you have the apple recipe posted there, as I have an abundance of apples I need to work up. I am watching my beloved Tigers and they have been "All In" tonight. Great success with your WW career, hope to see you around.