Monday, May 05, 2008

An unveiling, of sorts.

I don't exactly hide. I've never been able to, first off! (insert big grin here).... but as far as my weight loss goes, well, it's not exactly like you can hide this either. But this weekend has been sort of an unveiling for me.

Friday night, I was walking Maddox, when some old friends pulled over. Terri had seen me a few days earlier and a few weeks before that, so she knew I'd lost weight. But her daughter had not. Michelle was driving, and Terri mentioned, "Oh there's Annette." Michelle nearly wrecked trying to take a peek! They pulled over and we spent some time talking. As we were talking, Barb (a friend of a friend) and her husband came by and were loving up on Maddox. Later, we walked on toward the courtyard in town, and Barbara was there talking with some others - including some relatives of mine. My cousin's wife asked how much I'd lost and I told them. Barb was amazed (she hadn't quite put two and two together yet). I asked if she was my friend's friend (to make sure that my own 2+2 would equal 4). She responded with a yes, and I replied that I'd sung at the daughter's wedding. Her jaw nearly hit the ground -- "HOLY MOSES! MY GOD, YOU LOOK AMAZING!"

Then Saturday afternoon, after Maddox's obedience training, I stopped in at Subway for lunch, and saw another old friend. I hadn't seen her in 3 years (not since I left my previous job). She couldn't believe it was me, and she was nearly in tears. I could tell she was proud of what I'd done.

And again on Sunday morning, I ran into a former neighbor -- I'd seen the husband a few weeks ago, but not the wife. She too was completely amazed.

I could stand a few more of those unveiling encounters!

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