Thursday, May 01, 2008

A small upswing....

I had a very slight gain this week: 0.4 pounds. I'm not worried in the least. I know that with a little extra effort and determination, I can lose that back and more next week.

One of the questions I'm often asked is "Does it get easier?" And honestly, it does and it doesn't. It is easier in the sense that I know what to do, I know what to look for and which choices I should make. But it's never easy .... nothing worthwhile ever is. It's not always easy to stick to good healthy choices, especially when you're surrounded by food that is not so healthy. There's a little leeway you can give yourself, but too much of that, and the pounds come back on.

I'm determined that I'm seeing this process through to the end. I've made it too far to ever think about giving up. And at the risk of sounding like a Stepford Weight Watcher, honestly ..... there's a lot of foods I don't want to touch again (or at least not often). Sticky gooey sweets don't hold the same appeal they used to. Nor do greasy, salty snacks. I still love the occasional sweet treat or salty snack (I so love pretzels!), but I don't want the whole bag. I don't want the whole cake. I don't even want a doughnut. My tastes have changed and so has my life.


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