Saturday, March 15, 2008

A little sad....

Today was supposed to be "Walk With The Docs" in Easley. And pets were going to be welcome to walk the route too. Still, as with most plans of mice and men............ Earlier in the week, the local weather gurus were predicting showers on Saturday (today). By yesterday, the forecast had not improved; rather, it had worsened to "strong showers, maybe thunderstorms."

So this morning, I decided that I wasn't going to do the walk. It was raining when I arose, and I even heard little rumbles in the sky. Shockingly, I was truly bummed. I wanted to do another charity walk, because I enjoyed my time so much last year doing Race for the Cure. The money from WWTD all goes to the local free medical clinic, and for quite a number of years, we'd posted information about WWTD in the church bulletin. I really wanted to do this, knowing it was for a good cause. So they're going to get a check from me anyway.

The race was to begin at 9:00. By 9:15 the sun was out. No, I'm not joking. The sun was shining; granted, the roads were terribly wet, but it was bright and beautiful. Sonofagun, I thought.........

I really hope that it just got postponed. That maybe they decided to do it next weekend. I will call the clinic on Monday and find out. Like I said, either way, they're getting a donation, but I really want to do the walk!

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