Thursday, March 27, 2008

Losses of all kinds....

The good news is that I'm down another 0.8 pounds, which brings my total to 172.0 even!!!! I was excited about that, because I wasn't sure if there would be a loss this week. Sometimes, when I have a really good week (like last week), there's a "rebound" week when I gain a small amount. WHEW!

But there's a loss that I'm not enjoying -- my leader got a promotion, which means she'll be doing more training. It's good for her, but she's having to give up a meeting or two, and ours is one of them. Debbie has been a complete godsend to me, and I am going to miss her tremendously. She'll still be around for visits, but her wisdom and humor, week in and week out, has helped me so much. I can't wait to hit goal for her to see the fruits of her investment!

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Nancy said...

Nice new picture! I've been "lurking" for ages, taking inspiration from you. I seem to be only able to spin my wheels and not really get going on my weight loss. You really have done so amazingly well. Hope you don't mind that I keep stopping in.