Thursday, June 15, 2006

Soy un perdedor.....

Glad to be a loser again! 3.4 more pounds are gone, gone, gone! I only have 2.6 to go to reach my intermediate goal of 20 pounds. I am very excited about that!

I also spoke to my leader, and she and one of the other employees (who happens to be a nurse) also think that my medications are probably contributing to my "gain weeks" -- not that they are the sole reason but that they probably do play a large part. Okay, that's good to know.

This is getting easier most days. My biggest problem is still finding a way to squeeze in all those points. I also discovered this week that the cashew machine at work usually distributes 1/2 an ounce for my quarter. Only 2 points and mmmmm....... Yeah, one day those points are going to be at a premium, but right now, while I've got them, I'm gonna enjoy them!


I'm enjoying my new walking routine, but I know that I'm going to need a little more change-up sooner or later. And as it gets hotter and hotter this summer, I'd love the opportunity to exercise indoors.

One of the local gyms -- one where I used to be a member -- is running a deal for $29 a month. But that's for a locked-in 2 year commitment. When I was a member there, I rarely went during the last year of my 2-year contract, and it was a buttload of money down the drain (it still came out of my account monthly). You can get a one-year, but their incentive is that it's $39 a month to do that. Well, the way I see it, $120 extra a year is better than wasting $360 on a year I may not use.

And I'd love to join the Y but the prices shown online are still higher than this other gym. Sure there's the pool, but who wants to get into an outdoor pool at 6:00 AM? Maybe in July or August, but mornings are still nice and mild right now.

So what is a gal to do? I'd love to find one in between work and home that would do a monthly basis -- no contracts, just pay by the month. Those are hard to find, because let's face it, the owners want some guarantee and need some budget within which to work. BUT... are they in it for the money or for helping people reach their potential?

Decisions, decisions.....

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