Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another crazy month!

Well, it's actually been a crazy year for me health-wise, and December was no exception. I started out with yet ANOTHER sinus infection, followed by a trip to my ENT who said, "Wait, you may not have had an infection after all....." Apparently, I have chronic rhinitis - meaning, I'll always be a little stuffier than others, I'll probably be a little more susceptible to nasal junk. And I had a six-day headache that went along with this latest thing .... which did NOT make Dr. W very happy at all. So he sent me back to my primary doc for a neurology referral. FINALLY.

Well, as part of this last possible infection (which I still think was one after all), they gave me prednisone. Any of you who have taken it know what I'm about to say -- add 3 holiday parties to the same week, and you can imagine what that does at the scale. Not only did I retain more water than a manatee, but I ate my way through G-vegas and Mootown at the parties. Stepped up on the scale fully expecting a ten-pound gain and that is NOT an exaggeration. I really did expect that much. Instead, it was "only" five pounds. I could have cried for joy.

But not to fear, friends, the Universe said, "Oh, let me help you with that....." and gave me an early holiday present. It was the gift that kept on giving.... every hour on the hour, and occasionally on the half-hour too. A stomach bug the. very. next. day. It started at 4:00 AM last Wednesday and did not stop until noon, and then made another visit around 10:00 PM. OOOOOOG! But I stepped on the scale yesterday morning for an unofficial weigh-in/check (before weigh-in today), and I had lost a lot. I had also been fasting for some bloodwork to be drawn, so the amount was a bit skewed. I figure this morning, if I can be minus even 3.0 of last week's gain, I'll be fine.

So I figure this year, if I can be on December 31 where I was on January 1, it is a WIN!!!! After everything I'd been through, yes, it will be a big WIN!

But then again, every time I keep fighting and getting back up, it's a win. Right?

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