Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you believe?

Do you believe you can do whatever you intend?
Do you believe that everything you need to live a healthier life is at your fingertips, just waiting for you to tap into its unlimited resources?
Do you believe that you are more than capable?

Do you have enough?
Enough self-love to know when to say when, when to say no, when to say yes, when to say go?
Enough self-confidence to hold your head high?
Enough willingness to get back up for the 9th time when you've fallen down 8?

Do you know?
Do you know that you have it within you?
Do you know how to reach down for more?
Do you know when to make a turnaround if you find yourself veering off track?

Can you decide?
Can you decide that you're worth the small sacrifices?
Can you resolve not to listen to the people who stand in your way..... including yourself?
Can you commit to being all you can be?

Most of all, do you know how awesome you are?
Do you feel proud of all you've accomplished?
Are you ready to live the new you?
Do you believe?

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