Tuesday, January 01, 2013

How will you be healthier in 2013?

What is your quest? What do you plan to do? Where do you want to be on 1/1/2014? How will you get there; what is your plan? Are you in it to win it?

At this time last year, I didn't know. I was floundering from a fall health scare (if only I knew!) and more concerned with stuffing my anxiety with whatever I could find.... and the sweeter or crunchier (or both), the better. On January 1, I had no idea that within the next year I'd face an even bigger health scare, new medication with no idea of how it might affect me or for how long it would take for everything to settle out........ add to it the stress of some changes at work, and me just not caring enough, and it was a recipe for disaster.

By the beginning of May, I had spiraled into a big gain.... okay, definitely nowhere near all I had lost (no way could I do that in 6 months!) but enough for me to say, "It's time to stop!" It still took a few more weeks for me to get things back in gear but as summer wound down, I got back on board, and I'm proud to say that as of this morning's weigh in, I've lost 17 pounds of what I put on. Not too much more to go now!! (Although I will say that having a cold this week made me only want soup.... an awful lot ... but I had that canned soup is SO high in sodium. Really? Can't they do better?!)

So to answer my own questions:
1) My quest is to be back at goal weight and to do it in a healthy manner.
2) I plan to do this through healthy eating -- both in the foods I choose and the portions I consume -- and through regular activity.
3) I want to be back at my goal weight and with lab numbers that make my doctor happy!
4) I will get there through dedication -- the same way I lost it the first time! At the same time, I will treat myself with kindness and gentleness, remembering that I am human and will not do everything perfectly.
5) OF COURSE!!!!

Some of my plans for meeting this challenge include tracking (it works, like it or not), and doing some more of what I enjoyed about this summer forward -- more biking (and another trip this spring to the Creeper Trail), more 5K's (I'd like to do one a month ... oh, last night's won't count for January, will it? HA!!) .... but MOST importantly: just getting up from my desk more. My job entails lots of computer and desk work -- but I need to make myself get up once an hour and just MOVE for 5 minutes each hour.

And the one item I really need to pursue -- more sleep. I am so bad about this. I'm usually the first one up each morning and the last to go to sleep (most of the time, anyway). I really need to retrain myself to go to bed a little earlier and get up at the time I usually do. 11:15 PM to 4:45 AM doesn't cut it (even though my sleep quality is apparently pretty good, because I don't hear a thing until the alarm goes off).

Here's wishing you the best and healthiest 2013 ever -- OWN THIS YEAR!!!


Bobbie said...

I just went back to WW. I am a lifetime member who keeps thinking I can do it all alone and stop going to the meetings... Im also contemplating joining the YMCA next to my office and going at lunch.

nettiemac said...

Good for you, Bobbie!!! We're in the same boat (I'm LT also!), and we can do it! The Y next to your office sounds like an AWESOME plan! My gym is part-way between work and home, but not so close I can go on my lunch hour. :( But stick with it -- VERY proud of you for coming back!