Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love it when a plan comes together!

My assignment this week was to plan for at least four days of workout from Monday through tomorrow. SUCCESS!!! I worked out Monday morning (gym - interval circuit training), and on Wednesday morning (same thing). For Thursday, knowing I'd be at home for the holiday, my thought was to walk after lunch .... but then we got the idea to take Maddox to the dog park. So we did, but unfortunately, we were the only people (and mutt) there. So after he piddled around (literally) for a while, we took him to a nearby town that has a nice square. He loved the walk, as did I ... but I felt I still needed a little more. So after dinner, I hit the exercise bike for about 15 minutes, just to add to it.

For Friday, I was also off work. I had planned to go back toward the area where I work and do a couple of things, and stop off by working out at the gym. But then I heard a note on the morning news that the downtown seasonal ice rink was opening on Friday .... and a brilliant idea hit me! You can read all about my "Lessons from the Rink" here. AWESOME workout, and I had the best time. My legs were feeling it a little this morning, and I suspect that they'll be feeling it a little more tomorrow morning ---- but not enough to stop me from going back tomorrow with my godchildren! I also did some walking afterwards - just a few blocks up and back but enough to keep the muscles going.

So what's my plan for next week? More of the same! Gym work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and throwing in some extra cardio or other work whenever I can (probably on lunch hour). And to really track well!

Oh, you're wanting the results, right? Down 4 pounds!!! :)

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