Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cannot ask for more!!

Yesterday was one of the last days before my deadline for turning in my monthly weigh-in. Let me tell you, all this week, I was sweating it. Not only was I trying to get rid of the Christmas Creep and the New Year Nibbles, I had attended a "child shower" for a friend who is a newly adoptive mom to a toddler -- and let me tell you, we had a spread! I was awfully afraid it might just spread on to my backside. But I got back on the exercise track this week, drank more water, made sure I did everything within my control to stay on plan .... and it worked! I was within range!!

This week I have really had the opportunity to examine just what it is about PointsPlus that I am enjoying so much. And honestly, I think it's the freedom and flexibility I feel that I didn't necessarily feel in previous programs. I wasn't one to regularly dip into my Weekly Points Allowance -- or at least not without feeling guilty about it. And now, I don't worry about it as much. I also like the power foods -- I like knowing that they're not just looking at calories, but at fiber, protein, saturated fat, sodium levels .... and aren't afraid to say, "This food is good, but not quite up to being a Power Food." So I have decided that I'm going to revisit my old friends the Power Foods, to live mostly in those, and know that I am doing the best I can for my body!

But this statement -- uttered from one of our members who hit her Lifetime goal this week -- made me realize that sometimes, it's more than just about food or exercise. When asked what she had gained from the whole experience, she said, "I took back control of my life."

G.A.S.P.!!! Let me bold-face that one for you: "I took back control of my life."

What a concept: being in control of your life, of the decisions you make, of owning them, of no more second guessing, of saying no, of saying yes, of not handing your life over to another person or a cupcake. Of having the power and using it wisely. Of deciding to add years to your life by making good choices most of the time.

Does that not ROCK?

That tells me that she is a member who gets it. The light clicked on for her, and there is no going back into the dark.

"It's a New Day" and a new way to live: and yes, it really does work.

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