Monday, November 01, 2010

Better late than never, right?

I had a busy last few days -- and as my leader said, "The first train in the candy car from here to Easter just pulled in....." Yep, Halloween was a food feast at the office -- pizza luncheon with a bakeoff. Yes, I made healthy mini-muffins. I had about 4 of them, just to make sure they were good..... oy vey. And then yesterday, I made a very healthy lunch, and then took my godson out for the day .... and we indulged in Fuddrucker's. Now, I chose as best I could -- I got a kids meal, and for the first time in AGES, indulged in fries ...... although I like that their "Fudd Fries" are more like potato wedges, with actual potato and not just a little meal with heavily-fried breading!

So what did all this extra indulging teach me? To judge whether or not a deviation is really worth it. To remember that I'm only human. To keep in mind to make the best possible choices in every circumstance. To enjoy the moment. To remember that this is a lifestyle change. To appreciate how far I've come. To remember that the journey is never over.

Was it worth it? For the muffins, not really. They were tasty, but not omg-gotta-have-em-fantastic. For the burger & fries, it really was worth it. I hadn't enjoyed Fuddrucker's in a long time, and it was enough to last me for a while. I made the best choice I could, and enjoyed the food (but not as much as I enjoyed the company!)

And the most important lesson from all this is to start over as soon as possible when you do fall off. As my original leader always said, "It's okay to fall off the wagon now and then, just don't let the wagon roll over you." She also said, "Don't let a lapse turn into a collapse" --- and even after all this time, it still holds true!

Here's to all the successes we are going to have over the next few weeks, as the holidays come upon us. Here's to all the progress we're going to make, the things we will learn about ourselves and our relationship to food (no matter how long we've done this!), and here's to being the best possible losers we can be!

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