Saturday, November 06, 2010

A November to Remember!

Today was the Lifetime weigh-in for me and WHEW!!!! Perfectly maintained! Oh, after last weekend's difficulties, I could have kissed the scale. Someone up there likes me!!

This past Wednesday, November 3, was the American Heart Association's "National Start! Eating Healthy Day" -- because my company is taking part in the Start! Heart Walk this spring, we participated in this day. I was glad that we had a pretty nice turnout, and that we are talking about healthier eating habits as the holidays approach. I've decided that I'm making this a "November to Remember" -- to remember the success I've had in previous holiday seasons, to remember to make good choices, to remember to work out even with the time change and changing weather, to remember that each day and each meal is a fresh start.

So I plan to make the best choices when faced with temptation: to choose healthy foods and right portions, to work out even when I don't feel like it, to stick to my guns and my plans. And I will have the best November ever!!

Make your November great -- and grate-ful!

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