Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I did right this week...

What I did was to track more carefully. Doing Simply Filling is great, and I enjoy the emphasis on the healthier Filling Foods. But not *having* to track every little point I consumed .... well, I didn't get out of the habit of tracking, but I felt I needed to do a little better.

So I switched back to tracking points again. And I'm glad: I needed a little more flexibility this week with a couple of days that were just jam-packed!

I stepped on the scale tonight and I am within my range for weight goal this month. I want to get down a few pounds again, and so I figured careful tracking would help. It's been nice to be back on this aspect of Momentum again.

One very nice aspect of the Simply Filling Technique is the emphasis on fruits, vegetables, lean meats/proteins, whole grains, fat-free dairy..... and so I am planning to keep that as part of my tracking. Who knows? I may find that I have a few points available here and there to "play" with too!

So here's to diligence and flexibility!

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Ballz said...

Nettie--you don't even look like yourself anymore!! I have so enjoyed following your journey, that I have shared it with a professional colleague. I worry for his health because of his weight and I hope he gets inspired because of you!