Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sorry to be so late....

but I had a higher calling! No, really, I did.....

This weekend was our women's Christ Renews His Parish retreat at church, and I was part of the team that presented the retreat. As part of that, I provided some treats for our breakfast on Saturday morning, and in the weekend's "Snack Lounge." Knowing some others on the retreat try to watch their calories/points, here's what I made:

* 24 mini-muffins, blueberry (thanks to Krusteaz Fat-Free Blueberry Muffin mix)
* 24 double chocolate mini-muffins
* Pretzels, dips & lo-cal treats

I did. It was good too. It was a wonderful retreat -- last time, when I was a participant, I went home renewed in spirit and body. This time, even though we worked like mad to make it all work, same thing: I thought I would be just exhausted but I am also renewed.

And I will be paying for the goodies I consumed this weekend: I foresee a workout nearly every night this week!!!! AND, AND, AND............ my Race for the Cure on Saturday. I am gonna beat 45 minutes come hell or high water!

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