Friday, June 18, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin' and Thinkin' and Prayin'.......

I have been able to rearrange my schedule in order to attend the 5:30 meeting on Thursdays. It's a different group, but they seemed very nice so far. And I discovered that one of the 5:30 members (who had been attending the 7:00 a while back) is moving to Europe on a 3-year transfer assignment. WOW! Lots of changes in store for her - and smart girl, she has already found where WW meets in the area to which she's moving! You go!!!! Sara, wishing you all the best, and please stay in touch!

In fantastic news, my weight was down. Not by much -- 0.4 pounds -- but I will take every single ounce or fraction thereof I can get. It's nearly 2 sticks of butter gone! I made a real effort this past week to listen to my body's hunger signals instead of those little signals from my head..... the ones that say, "What a day! You've earned a little wiggle room...." or "Man, this workout is something else; you can eat a little more today." Well, no, not really - not if I want to continue to strive for success. I didn't always succeed but I did much better.

Speaking of workouts.... "The Dave One" (as I call it) isn't getting any easier but it's definitely making a difference. I've had several people this week ask if I'd lost some weight. Well, no, but I certainly notice some changes. Clothes that were tight even a few weeks ago are now hanging better on me. There are portions of me which have begun to tone up even more - my physical therapist noticed that immediately about my legs the other day at our appointment. Those leg presses and curls and the abduction walk are having a positive impact on me! By the way, "abduction walk" doesn't mean that I snatch some unsuspecting person off the street and force them to exercise (although perhaps given the obesity epidemic in the US, we should consider the idea!) The calf raises and stretches leave my legs a little sore that night but healthy by the next day. All told, it's a fantastic feeling! Now, do I relish the workout itself and golly gee cannot WAIT to hit the gym? I'm not that insane. But when it's all said and done, do I have a feeling of great accomplishment? You bet! And that, more than anything, feels so good!

As of 5:30 PM on Friday, June 18, I am still waiting for the lab test results from the full thyroid panel from last week. I've called my doctor's office three times since yesterday -- and I'm not the nervous Nellie type. In fact, I've done a pretty decent job so far in not trying to dwell on it. But I also don't want to start wondering if the news is bad. No news is not always good news. I am a cautious optimist. I hope for the best, and yet know that I need to be prepared sometimes for the worst. I'm not quite up to pacing and chain-smoking just yet (well, at least the pacing portion). So I sit and wait and cross my fingers and offer up prayers and play some music and do my best just not to think on it. Kind of like Necie in the Ya-Ya books: I'm just thinking myself some pretty pink and blue thoughts...... Again, I don't know what the answer will be, but I know that no matter what, I am in good hands.

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