Thursday, September 24, 2009

Could the wheel be turning at last?

I did a courtesy weigh-in tonight -- doesn't count as my monthly weigh-in, just a way to keep me on track. And much to my delight, I'm far closer this time to where I need to be than I was last month at this time, or the month before. This gives me hope that next week, when I weigh in (Friday morning; I'll be at the PostSecret lecture Thursday night at the Peace Center --- WAHOO!) I won't be crossing my fingers and praying and exercising like a dog and getting up early Saturday to weigh in and not having that work either and then waiting until Tuesday night and stopping by ............. ah. I just want a good weigh-in next week. And I'm working hard to ensure that maintenance doesn't seem such a struggle.

In good news, the weather is nice enough to go walking again on my lunch hour or after I get home from work. I just hope the rain that is being predicted for Saturday will hold off long enough for the Race for the Cure to be good!! The temperature is supposed to be pretty good! I just have to remember to pack my knee braces..... oy!!!!

In more good news, I had some labwork done last week, and I got my results back: Everything is in at-least-normal ranges, with a couple bordering on fantastic! :-)
* Cholesterol: 132.
* HDL is 56 (according to the lab results, anything above 59 is a negative risk for CHD.... I was just 3 points away!).
* LDL is 64 ("optimal" is below 100).
* LDL/HDL Ratio: 1.1
* Triglycerides: 58.
* Glucose: 86.

My family doctor said that he knew I'd gone a long way to working on keeping my heart in good shape. I am so glad the numbers bear that out!

And in the last bit of fantastic news: A VERY HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Russell, who hit the 75-pounds-gone mark this week. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!

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