Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maintenance, Week 3 -- YES!

Hallelujah, I lost!!!

It wasn't much, "just" 0.4 pounds, but after the last two weeks any loss is a good one. My leader also gave me a great idea for some exercise to help with the continuing loss to get back to goal: stationary bike, 3-4x a week (at least 3, aim for 4). I know from doing it just one day this week, it kicked my rear six different ways to Sunday. And the added benefit is extra activity points for it.... which I am NOT going to use for fuel.

Also, as a follow-up on the medical front: I went to the doctor this week and they drew blood for some labwork. I'll know the results by Monday. Either way -- whether the results are normal or abnormal -- there will need to be some sort of treatment plan. Once I know the results, then I'll figure out where we go from here, physically and otherwise.

I really want this to come off. I have worked too hard for this, and I am going to work just as hard to keep it off. It's just really frustrating to have your body betray you..........

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