Thursday, November 13, 2008

The hovering continues....

AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I gained 0.8 so I'm back at 207 gone. The hovering continues, and I am almost at my wits' end. Except for one thing........ I am stubborn as hell and am determined that this is NOT going to get the best of me. I have only 1.2 pounds to go -- a measly 20 oz!! -- to get below a certain threshold. I am NOT, NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT, letting this get me down or get the better of me. By God, I am stronger and tougher than 20 stupid little ounces.

So I spoke to Tisha (my leader) and we have come up with a game plan: in addition to walking Maddox for my exercise, I'm going to get on the stationary bike 3 times this week at 10 minutes a pop, AND use some hand weights for my arms while I'm working the legs. Plus, I'm going to do one points-free meal a week -- one where I don't worry and just enjoy. Hey, it worked two weeks ago with the barbecue!!!

I am stronger than those twenty ounces. Bring it on.


Nancy said...

Go girl!! 20 oz is a great way to think of that weight. You'll do it. Thanks again for helping to motivate a total stranger -

Last Journey Down said...

I just found your blog! 207 pounds lost? Wow! Your conviction is fabulous and you will absolutely lose that 20 ounces! That IS a great way to think of it. I love your last two sentences. Your attitude rocks!