Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for some non-scale victories

The scale showed I gained 1.4 pounds, to move my total back to 202 gone. Whoop. I will lose that over the next couple of weeks, and I'm not worried in the least. I have a feeling I know what happened ..... I didn't follow my usual meal schedule today, and sometimes the scale doesn't appreciate that!

But the good thing is that this week, in spite of the uptake, I feel GOOD. I worked my butt off today doing some volunteer work. I feel good not only because I was helping a cause I believe in, but because I got some needed physical labor in. And I stood or walked for most of the day.... 2 years ago, there is no way I'd have been able to do that. Now that I'm in stop-mode, I feel the aches setting in, but I KNOW that 2 or 3 years ago, I could not have done that type of work. I'd have needed a sitting-only job. Instead, I was able to pull t-shirts, lift boxes, move and groove doing things, and enjoy it. I just hate that I forgot my pedometer, because I planned to track the steps I took.

And my clothes feel great. I have good health and stamina that I never would have had years ago. I'm getting older, wiser, and better. 1.4 pounds can't compare to that!


MaryFran said...

Sorry to hear about your little bump in the road with the gain. I love your attitude though!

The working longer periods of time still amazes me about myself! I well remember the days when I did 10-15 minutes of manual labor and was ready to (and many times did) quit because I was so wiped out!

Way to go on the NSV's!

Talmadge Gleck said...

Bump in the road? In light of your success, it's more like one of those reflectors glued to the asphalt along the pavement stripes. Noticable to the driver, but hardly jarring.

Your last paragraph nails it.