Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going toward the light......

I opined a few weeks ago that the light at the end of the tunnel was coming into view....... It just got 4.0 pounds closer, for a total of 206.0 lost.

I'm still trying to let all that sink in. It's amazing because I now have gone past a personal milestone that I wasn't sure when I would reach .... or at the beginning, I wasn't sure I ever would.

A new member asked tonight what it is that keeps me going, and I answered this: "I am stubborn, and I just simply determined that I wasn't going to quit. And now, I can't stop." I'm not sure when it happened, but I reached a point where I realized that I had made too much progress to ever want to go back ..... I put the stubbornness and iron will that I always possessed to much better use.

Twenty-two pounds to go to hit goal. I can't believe it. I mean, it's almost here, and I am trying to wrap my brain around the idea that I only have 22 pounds to go. It doesn't seem real......

Race for the Cure is this weekend. I am excited about the event, and looking forward to my goal of shaving 10 minutes off last year's time ..... 57 minutes, here I come!!!


Talmadge Gleck said...

You know, I'm feeling the same way about where I am now. Six months ago yesterday, Seraphim joined WW, and personally - while deep inside I knew I had to do this - I "didn't wanna."

Six months ago ... no, let's say, SEVEN - that weekend you all came down here - if anyone told me that by Fall, I'd be 43 pounds lighter, I would've asked just who spiked their Carey Hilliard's tea with brown acid.

It clicked with me, and I feel a stubbornness and determined-ness that keeps me going toward those bigger numbers. The temptations are still there, and I do succumb on occasion - but usually fudging a point or two with munchies .... yet in the end, the determined streak is winning out.

I'm down 43, and the feelings you described are washing over me as I update my goal matrix, adjusting the per-week "need-to-achieve" numbers DOWNWARD (!), and also look forward toward where I should be at upcoming milestones, based on my average weekly drops ... and it's all so indescribable. I can only imagine how I'll be feeling after I crest 50 pounds ... then 60 ... etc.

I was talking with my brother this evening (today was his 40th b'day) and in convo mentioned that it would likely be Christmas before we'd see him and his family. By then, I want to be around 55 down ... then again, if I keep going at this rate, I could be pushing 65 or even 70 pounds lighter than the last time I saw them. And I'm sure the reactions will be more than a simple "Have you lost weight?"

Happy racing! May you break 57 to where Mr. Heinz is going "WTF???"

Kate/Susan said...

Way to go, Annette! So proud of you, not only for what you've done but for all you've inspired in others. :-) Good luck with your race!