Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ever have a day that's stacked against you?

What a week. We finally got some much needed rain, but BOY-O-BOY, did it play havoc with my walking. I did some before the rainy season, and did some aerobic videos at home (I'm apparently still at wuss level).

Today, I had a business luncheon and a business dinner. I ate healthily, but really wasn't sure about the points. I did the best guesswork possible. And I was going to have to weigh in before my normal time (the earlier of the two afternoon meetings).

In the end, it didn't matter............
I lost 1.8 pounds --- total now: 201.2.

I am happy. Very very happy! And I am grateful for every bit of support I have gotten from Day 1 to now.

If you have read the blog, sent a good thought for me, cheered me on --- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, just about 27 more to go to hit goal before talking surgery (for skin removal). Now's the time for nervous! HA!!!!


Talmadge Gleck said...

[cue "Newlywed Game" grand prize fanfare music]

Awesome. I am otherwise speechless.

You've blazed the trail we're now walking. 27 pounds left .... after 200+, it seems like such a piddling amount. It'll happen.

We love you, man.....


Word verification: mlyam ... "Mlyam what I yam." (Appropriate this be a "Popeye" reference, since you're fast making Olive Oyl look like a plump bird. ;-))

Seraphim9 said...


Wow, 201.2 pounds ago, did you ever think you'd make it?

Wow, Nettie, I am just in awe of you. Love you lots!


Kate/Susan said...

That is so amazing. So delighted, happy, and proud of and for you... Congratulations! :-)

CR said...

Nettiemac, I just had to stop by and say Way To Go!!! I look to the bravo board everyday for inspiration, but today took the cake...I am so very inspired by you! I've dropped 7.2 so far and have another 111.4 to go. You make it sound EASY!!!

I am so happy for you!

MaryFran said...

Wow! I just found you via the 365 picture thing! You have done an amazing feat! I'll be following along your journey as I'm also nearing the end of my weight loss journey. Twill be nice to get some insight from somone else that has been at this for a while and has also had success (I'm at about 135 pounds gone thus far.)

Ballz said...

I am so proud of you! This is fantastic and your transformation should land your skinny ass on How do I look, just so you can get a whole new wardrobe!!