Thursday, August 07, 2008

At last...... a nice loss!

AHHHHHHHHHH! This week, 3.2 pounds are gone for a total of 195.6 ..... I earned my 39th 5-pound star. That just boggles my mind. That first week, I commented that I'd lost a Thanksgiving turkey. I've now lost 16 turkeys and working on that 17th.

I really need to do everything I can to reach my goal. I have just 4.4 pounds to lose before Labor Day, and this pattern of "lose big but then stall out for 3 weeks" just isn't cutting it! I know I need to do more activity, and even in the heat, I can do some stuff indoors (videos). It's just that I love walking Maddox. It's the activity I enjoy most. But I do want to try bellydancing -- now THAT is a workout for the abs, and they don't require rock-hard abs either!

We'll see how it goes!


Kate/Susan said...

Great job, Annette!! 16 turkeys, that is an amazing visual. :-)

How is your brother doing?

Talmadge Gleck said...

Another great putt, sunk by Tigeress McClellan!

You're on the verge of - paraphrasing The Beatles - "Suddenly ... I'm not half the woman I used to be ...."

Labor Day is shaping up to being quite the goal point ... Sera is "Laboring for 50", and I'll be shooting for 35 myself.

The question remains, though: Will you hit 200 before the missus and I get our 10% keychains?

And what about Naomi?


bngsmom said...

You have no idea how happy for you I am. I know how you have always struggled. You are looking great! You looked great at the reunion, but wow you just haven't stopped.

Hey, I am looking for a fun excercise class. If you take belly dancing, I will too. They have it at the Y.

jacksongirl said...

Hey girl! You are doing and looking great! And you should totally go for the bellydancing! I just realized you were not on BC anymore (only because I am dense) and just wanted to say "hi" because I miss your posts! Hope you are well.