Thursday, April 10, 2008

Soy una perderdora.....

I'm still a loser, baby! It might have been "only" 0.8 pounds, but it is a loss, and for that I am so grateful. That makes a total of 173.2 pounds gone, and reduces my magic number (to 175) to 1.8 pounds to go! My brother did well in his first week as well!

One thing that one of my fellow WW members suggested is that I might not be getting enough protein and/or fats in my diet. And she probably wouldn't be far off the mark. I certainly have trouble with fats. I try so hard to keep things as low-fat (and low-point) as possible. But even with the oils in the Good Health Guidelines, I don't always eat enough fat. Yeah, odd. I could certainly get a day's worth in a Quarter Pounder, but I don't think I could eat one. And I don't always get enough protein either..... I gotta fix that, and figure out this week how I could remedy that situation. See if being a little less stringent kickstarts something.

Looking forward to this experiment already!

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Seraphim9 said...

My doctor had recommended, quite a while ago and long before I started WW, to take fish oils capsules. I dutifully did so, and endured the fishy burps. I said it tasted like I just licked a salmon. Ew!

But anyway, I just changed to taking an Omega-3 complex capsule, 2 a day. Got them from Sam's. They have Fish, Flaxseed, Borage and Safflower oils. The capsules are pretty big, I've not measured exactly how much each has in them but I'd bet that each capsule contains nearly a teaspoon! It does recommend taking it 3x a day with meals, so that would almost be your 3 teaspoons of oils a day! Wonder if that counts?

OMG, have you tried the WW giant cookies and cream bar? YUMMMM!! And only 2 points!!

Well, I "only" lost 1 pound after my 2nd week. Like you said, it's a loss nonetheless! I'm really not liking having a Monday meeting date, but I guess that keeps my honest during the weekend, right?? LOL!