Thursday, April 17, 2008


A breakthrough at last --- down 1.8 pounds this week for a total of 175.0. Let me say that again: I have lost 175 pounds even. That's mind-boggling to even think about.

For the first time that I can recall, I dipped deeper than usual into my weekly points allowance. I rarely use them. I think the most I had ever used was about 5 or 6 one week, and that was unexpected. This week I used 12 (for a slice of JP's first Communion cake). It was worth it, because it was a wonderful special celebration, and I didn't feel guilty. I had the points there waiting for me to use.

Plus, I tried to eat a little more protein and/or fats this week. I'm really bad about eating more carbs (as a percentage of food) than I should. So I tried some other things -- a frittata that unfortunately didn't set correctly and ended up as a scramble; a Jimmy Dean De-Lites sausage muffin -- and it seemed to work!

Whatever it is, I want to keep it up. My immediate goal is to lose 5 more pounds by my two-year anniversary date (the May 8 weigh-in). That's only 3 weeks........ But even if I don't hit it right off, I couldn't be prouder!!!!

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Seraphim9 said...

That's great! I knew you would do it this week. In fact, on Monday I showed my group the collage I made of you over the past almost-2 years and told them that I bet you would hit 175 this week. They were in awe, an my leader said to tell you good job and they are very proud of you!

I did good this week. 3.8 lost, for a total of 12.6 so far. I went back on your blog and noticed that you had lost 3.8 on your third week, too!

Speaking of extra points, my grandmother's 90th birthday party is this coming weekend. I already know a lot of the things that will be served and have mapped out a plan of what I would like to have. Like you said, at least I know the extra points are there! Part of that plan includes a small slice of chocolate cake - for which I've already calculated the points value because I know exactly what ingredients will go into it!! (Does help when you're the one making the cake! LOL!)

And speaking of cake.....I made a birthday cake for a little boy's first birthday on Monday. The folks who ordered the cake for me included an extra bit of green for it being a last-minute rush job. Know what I did with the extra??? After my meeting on Monday, I stopped by the store and bought 2 boxes of Skinny Cow Dippers frozen treats (on sale 2 for $6). 1 point per pop! How's that for a trade-off, buying a low-point treat with money I made off of cake!!! I chuckle at my cleverness, hee hee hee.