Friday, August 11, 2006

Rolling steadily downhill...

and loving it! Another 2.4 gone this week for a total of 33.4 pounds gone in 13 weeks.

My God. That's an entire Thanksgiving feast for 20 people -- and I had been carting it around on me. There's plenty more where that came from.

Last night, we discussed our favorite foods -- and what we've stopped eating. So this week, our "assignment" is to eat one of our favorite foods that we've sworn off, but find a way to work it into our points. I mentioned that I love Italian food -- anything loaded with cheese and meat sauce and pasta and.... I'd better shut up while I'm ahead.

But I think I will eat some of my favorite Chinese dish this week: barbecued spareribs. Normally I get the boneless ones -- already chopped up off the bone. And I usually get steamed rice with it anyway. Fried rice is okay, but you get tired of it. They used to have brown rice (which I dearly love) but people in my hometown weren't too impressed by the offering.

So it's how to work it all in. Luckily, I still have enough points to fiddle around with......

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Anonymous said...

Annette, I am so proud of you! I'm following your progress and Banned Camp, and it's inspirational to me to see you setting goals, knocking them down, and setting new ones in their place.

I cannot wait to see you in Jackson in March! I hope to hug a whole lot less of you then.